Forever Young

The sun is perfect and you woke this morning. You have enough language in your mouth to be understood. You have a name, and someone wants to call it. Five fingers on your hand and someone wants to hold it. If we just start there, every beautiful thing that has and will ever exist is possible. If we start there, everything, for a moment, is right in the world.

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Under the Influence #13 S/S 2014
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by Jowita Paszko
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This has all happened before
but nothing here is obsolete.
Everything here is possible.

Anne Sexton, from It Is A Spring Afternoon (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Water Lilies, 1903 ~ Claude Monet
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i kind of really love accidental selfies
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i know the saying is take it day by day but lately i have felt it in my heart to take it moment by moment 

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In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

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Sommarlek (Summer Interlude), 1951. (Dir. Ingmar Bergman)
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Sunday In The Park- Edita Vilkeviciute by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine,September 2009.
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There’s nothing so dangerous as a headstrong girl who knows her own mind.

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So this happened last night. I promise I wasn’t scared. #alifealive
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The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing on my feet.

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